Every teardrop rolling down her face,

tells a different story of her pain,

cracks slowly spreading through her heart,

grief is slowly tearing her apart,

all she wanted was for someone to help her stand,

her broken heart aches and cries within her,

her mind in shambles as the voices around try to break her,

she struggles so hard to be happy again,

but each day is the same as she falls down again,

her will is slowly fading away ,

her will is slowly fading away,

she is loosing her will to live,

oh! will no one help her,

give her a reason to live,

she welcomes  pain with open arms,

just to escape the screams in her head,

her wrist bear scars that shine like trophies,

pain and grief in all her memories,

as she takes a step towards the welcoming waves,

she hopes everything will change,

she waited for someone ,

but no one ever came.



Used, broken, torn to the ground,

She built her walls so high,

No one can bring them down,

She passes her time painting pictures,

on her soul with a knife,

Desperate, terrified and tired of living her life,

Sitting in a corner scared to look out of her shell,

Thinking back on the nightmares and the reasons that she fell,

So low because of what they did , 

Feeling so alone since she was a kid,

She tries to stop her mind from going into a flashback,

the blows, the curses, the kisses, the flinches, the images of a car crash,

Beaten, hated for things she never did,

Wondering as she sits there if love ever existed,

Because all she’s and feels is pain, anger and pain,

She’s given up hope and accepted that this is her fate,

The nightmares reach out and try to pull her back into them,

They dance before her eyes,

The scars, the pills, the blood drawn out by a knife ,

Pain, shame, anger, the loneliness and fear, 

her hand clutching her throat as she tries to stop the flowing tears,

But it’s too late as she tries to hold on to reality,

Her eyes close , she lets go as the darkness closes in on her,

She awakes to find herself free in eternity.


The way he held my hand

Or the way he told me it would be alright

The way he looked into my eyes and told me he loved me

The way he tenderly cupped my face and kissed me

The way he hugged me when everything went wrong

The way he whispered in my ear that he would be there all along

The way he kissed my forehead and then my nose

The way his eyes would smile and he’d offer me a rose

Feelings i’ve never felt before

I felt it with you

Baby i can’t believe it’s too late to say I LOVE YOU!

Among the stars you shine the brightest now

The day you left earth left me crying and wondering how

Life would go on when you were no longer with me

Cos you see

It tales a billion people to complete the world



I saw him sitting over there, near the hood of my car on a rock smoking a cigarette deep in thought. Looking out at the beach I walked up to him and said “those things can kill you know”, he looked up at me and smiled, a slow sad smile but did not reply continuing to smoke. Sitting down next to him i nudged him playfully as I asked him in a soft voice “want to die and leave me alone?”. He immediately flinched stiffening, “I’m sorry” I said, regretting my actions immediately . “it’s okay lil sis” he replied finally speaking “you meant no harm” before lapsing into silence again.

As we sat there my head resting on his shoulder his hand intertwined with mine, we watched the setting set as it set on the horizon not speaking. “Zoe used to love the sunset, it made her feel nothing is impossible” he said breaking the silence before taking a drag of his cigarette, exhaling the smoke slowly through his mouth. “I’m sorry ” I said again not knowing what else to say to comfort him. Taking a final puff of his cigarette, he threw the stump to the ground crushing it under his feet. looking at the final rays of the setting sun he spoke in a low voice, so low that i had to strain myself to hear it “i already died lil sis, that day on the highway i died with her” turning around giving me a smile so haunted and sad it made my heart break, before walking away to the car, the last rays of the sun fading away from his retreating figure.

Let your reflection shine…

oIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

The world we see outside is simply a shadow, a reflection of the world we’ve supported and shaped within ourselves..

a person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world…some people cast hardly any shadow at all,  some live in the shadow of others, while some cast shadows  that endure for centuries….

A person without a shadow…his life would me meaningless..he would be void, after he one would remember him…very rarely do we realise that our shadow is the reflection of our own soul…and what we perceive about ourselves and others is a reflection of how we end up living our lives…

make your lives a reflection of what we’d like to see in others…if you want love give love, you want honesty give honesty, if you want respect show respect…you get in return what you give…

sometimes our reflections shine much brighter than us..


yyIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Symbol.”

I think the camera is a symbol for all those precious and sweet memories that we hold on to.

Those memories that make our life a little brighter, a little sweeter, a little happier..

Life is like a camera,

focus on what’s important,

capture the good times,

develop from the negative,

and if things don’t work out, just take an other shot…