We were best friend’s yes that’s the word

Promising to be there for each other until the end of

The world,

We held on to each other hand in hand,

Swearing to never let go

Even during troubled times,

I gave you everything; I gave you my trust,

But most of all i gave you my heart having faith,

That you would never tear it apart

We trusted each other without a doubt

Our hands together bound

When I look at the years back

I can see everything we promised ourselves to be

As time passed by

I thought our friendship was growing stronger

But i don’t think we realised we were slowly

Becoming strangers

I thought that going away wasn’t going to hurt us

We would be best friends like we always were

I trusted you with my whole heart that you would understand me

But instead, you threatened to walk away and leave me

I tried my best to reason with you and make you understand

However, the flame of our friendship was burning out fast

I tried my best to save it you know

But in the end you walked away saying our friendship was no more

I still respect you and value our friendship

The one which we had years back

When we were everything

But I think that deep down I won’t be able to forget what you did

You walked away, never thinking of all your promises

You passed me like I was a stranger

You acted like you didn’t know me any longer

And though I shouldn’t say this for friendship sake

I guess trusting you was my biggest mistake.


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