She walks on the street

her head so low

for all she knows 

she thinks she’s alone

cos no matter how much she gave it her best

she felt she couldn’t crawl back from the pit she fell

her only friend is the knife 

with which  she cuts life

stupid, looser, words which hide her smile

makes her wish she could go back in time

so that  she didn’t exist

cos she thinks by doing that she’d do the world justice

her hands bear the scars of the pain she’s borne

mistake is the word that crowns her throne

she wasn’t always like this you see

there was a time happiness reigned in her family

and her friends used to show her love for free

but now she stands there alone

she doesn’t know how she’s come so low

but the whisper in her heart say’s 

that the pills in her hand are not her only hope

she turns back from the cliff on which she stands

with hope that say’s there’s a second chance

fair was never what life was meant to be

but only on a dark night 

the stars  you see..


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