A hello to all my bullies….

Remember the first time you saw me was in fifth, I had approached you and asked if I could sit with you during lunch, but you yelled at me in front of everyone sitting in the cafeteria and told me to go away, while I stood  there dumb wondering what  I had done. From that day on you took every opportunity that came in your way to hurt me. Whenever I excelled in something you would try your best to put me down. You never let me have any friends and you would call me names which you were sure would hurt me. I never knew what I had done to make you hate me so much. I went through hell and torture during the time I was in that school. I used to feel like I was nothing and I could never be as great or excellent as you were. Though the truth was that I was. When I finished school, I was one of the happiest people, happy that my worst past was behind me.

High school was a total breeze, it was one of the best feelings ever to have friends and for once to fit in. until I met you….again.  You were there waiting for me in every nook and corner, waiting to humiliate and insult me. My friends started leaving me because of you, I bore all your taunts till one fine day I could take it no more, I ran to the field and cried my heart out. it was then I realised I was falling for your trap, you wanted me to believe that I was stupid and I did, you told me I was looser and I fell for it, you told me you were better than me my mind yelled that it was true. But that was not how things were going to be anymore. As I got up from the field and dusted the dust off me, I had also dusted off and left the old, scared me behind. That day I walked back into the school, I walked with a newfound courage inside me.

It was tough but I finally got here, I got to achieve the dream I always wanted to achieve but never thought it would be possible because of you. But now I stand here today as  one of the most important people in today’s world.  And no one can put me down or make me feel worthless again because the day I cried my heart on the field was the day I realised I was something you could never be… YEAH THAT’S ME!



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