Through rain, storm and fire.

She sits by him

as he lies on his bed

she looks up and sees all the tubes and wires running above his head

for all she knows

she’s sure he’s never done anything wrong

for her he was always the firm anchor through the storm

he never once let her fall

as long as he stood by her, she knew she could stand up tall

the day mom had died

he had held her tight,

promising everything would be alright

she never once saw him cry

for he stood strong even on the inside

as she grew up and then had to go far away

he still made sure to call her up everyday

he never went to sleep without telling her goodnight

even though far away she was, she always went to sleep knowing he was there by her side

but now he lays there sick

she wonders what he did to deserve this

but she isn’t scared nor does she feel alone

because she knows her father has been through this before

he had travelled through rain, storm and fire

but he’s always come out as a survivor!


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