Teach me to love…

What is love?

tell me the answer

is it true when we say we love each other?

why does it hurt ,

when we fall in love?

why does it go away

when it’s had enough?

but is that love even true

i want to know

can love ever leave your heart broken in two?

or would it stay and heal the hurt,

cos if that’s what love is

maybe it’s worth

is love the butterflies i feel when i see you?

or is it the shivers that i get when I’m near you?

is it that feeling which leave me confused,

when i’m confused whether i have a crush on you?

does love stay or is i temporary,

will it stay with me throughout eternity?

will it put me first before itself?

make my fears go away,

and never let me sway?

teach me what love is

so that i can know

so that i can love you in return

i won’t ask for more.


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