Classic imposters..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”

Practise what you preach…something that is so easy to say but so difficult to do..

I remember once i used to go around telling people not to be so quick to judge others whether their judgement was good or bad. In my opinion it was best to bang that hammer on the bench only when you had your facts and evidence right there in front of you along with your host of witnesses because that is what made you a good judge.

But when it came to me to practise what i had been preaching so long, i tumbled over my feet and ended up sending myself to prison cos i never once thought of stopping  and thinking about what i had been rambling about so long, in the end my feelings hurt as well as that of those around me..  A true hypocrite, i could have awarded myself a golden medal for being such a classic imposter.

the experience thought me a good lesson though a hurtful one…

now if i have to give advice to any one i make sure it comes with a disclaimer


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