Betrayal, hurt and pain,

all done in a day,

buried under these piles of shame,

your own life story begins,


the voice begins soft in your heart,

making you look around in a start,

it’s so easy to let go,

so easy to be free,

just one more step to be in eternity,

why should you struggle, why should you try,

when you know in the end you’ll be the one to cry,


the voice begins louder now,

you really want to listen to that sound,

but your feet keep pulling you underground,

just one more step and you’ll be over the edge,

just one more cut, just one more pill says those voices in your head,


the voice so loud,

your heart is pounding now,

a choice to live or die,

a decision you have to make anyhow,

how many people have passed that road,

how many people like you have let go,

so easy, just this one step,

but it is there in you a small hesitation,

cos you know you want to make a difference,


the voice echoing out loud,

you stop from taking the plunge and look around,

you know now it’s the voice of your heart,

telling you that you are worth more,

that you can make a brand new start,

troubles, trials, obstacles are all a part of this journey,

some people have it hard and some have it easy,

but to everyone there is a choice,

to cry, to give up, to let go and die,

or to fight, to try, 



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