She cried openly and freely as she knew that no one was watching. The tears flowed down her face as she clutched the flowers in her hand sobbing,“they say that I need to grow up and let go…it’s been a long time now but it seems like yesterday…they are telling me to move on but it’s so hard. Dad is talking about moving to a new town so that I can start over but I don’t want to, this place holds so many memories of us…I..uh..i really miss you…we were so close…my memories consist of you, how can they expect me to let that go”

She glanced up trying to stop the tears from flowing, her breath coming in short gasps, she looked down tracing patterns with her finger in the damp soil “ we knew each other for so long…and I don’t feel like doing anything since you are not around. People pick on me and I have no one to stand up for me like you did…you were like the other half of…” the tears came freely now, but she didn’t try to stop them, she sat there sobbing trying to get the words out, “ I…uh.. I promise to do better now. I so badly wish you hadn’t gone away but I know I couldn’t have made you stay anyways…I’ll try to move on I promise…i…. i will never…uh…forget you…I”, she sobbed harder trying to get the words out… “ I love you” “I’m never gonna forget you…thank you for always being there for me”

The tears had stopped now, she sat there staring at the rock in front of her, minutes ticked by, she finally took a deep breath and said “ I brought you red roses, your favourite” she sucked in a breath and stood, standing still for a minute or two as if waiting for the world to be alright again, she then slowly brushed the dust off her pants, a teardrop falling from her eye as she walked away from her best friends grave.


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