In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Vending Wishes.”

vending machines…one of man’s best inventions, you pop in a coin and out comes your drink..ahh..it’s heaven!

if only vending machines like  wishing wells, you throw in a coin and voila! your very own personalised wish for the day. Now let’s imagine if this was true, what would you wish for? pretty hair ,wealth ,fame ,etc ,etc?

i think what this world needs is for people to hope, pray and wish that there would be love, peace, joy shared among us. To be there for each one, to pray for our neighbours welfare , to help in making a better tomorrow. Oh! if only this was so, if only this world didn’t have to live in the terror of tomorrow!..if only we didn’t have to wait in fear for our loved ones to return safe from the cruel hands of war!…if only our kids could go safe to school without a fear of being bullied…if only our young women and men were given the right to follow their hearts and dreams and our old the comfort and love needed during their last days..oh! i wish and i pray”Father, heal my land”

But then again vending machines don’t give out wishes..till they do, lets pretend that air planes in the night sky are like shooting stars I’m sure we could all use a wish right now..

so long! 🙂


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