Let your reflection shine…

oIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

The world we see outside is simply a shadow, a reflection of the world we’ve supported and shaped within ourselves..

a person’s shadow stood for his legacy, his impact on the world…some people cast hardly any shadow at all,  some live in the shadow of others, while some cast shadows  that endure for centuries….

A person without a shadow…his life would me meaningless..he would be void, after he died..no one would remember him…very rarely do we realise that our shadow is the reflection of our own soul…and what we perceive about ourselves and others is a reflection of how we end up living our lives…

make your lives a reflection of what we’d like to see in others…if you want love give love, you want honesty give honesty, if you want respect show respect…you get in return what you give…

sometimes our reflections shine much brighter than us..

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