Every teardrop rolling down her face,

tells a different story of her pain,

cracks slowly spreading through her heart,

grief is slowly tearing her apart,

all she wanted was for someone to help her stand,

her broken heart aches and cries within her,

her mind in shambles as the voices around try to break her,

she struggles so hard to be happy again,

but each day is the same as she falls down again,

her will is slowly fading away ,

her will is slowly fading away,

she is loosing her will to live,

oh! will no one help her,

give her a reason to live,

she welcomes  pain with open arms,

just to escape the screams in her head,

her wrist bear scars that shine like trophies,

pain and grief in all her memories,

as she takes a step towards the welcoming waves,

she hopes everything will change,

she waited for someone ,

but no one ever came.


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