Used, broken, torn to the ground,

She built her walls so high,

No one can bring them down,

She passes her time painting pictures,

on her soul with a knife,

Desperate, terrified and tired of living her life,

Sitting in a corner scared to look out of her shell,

Thinking back on the nightmares and the reasons that she fell,

So low because of what they did , 

Feeling so alone since she was a kid,

She tries to stop her mind from going into a flashback,

the blows, the curses, the kisses, the flinches, the images of a car crash,

Beaten, hated for things she never did,

Wondering as she sits there if love ever existed,

Because all she’s and feels is pain, anger and pain,

She’s given up hope and accepted that this is her fate,

The nightmares reach out and try to pull her back into them,

They dance before her eyes,

The scars, the pills, the blood drawn out by a knife ,

Pain, shame, anger, the loneliness and fear, 

her hand clutching her throat as she tries to stop the flowing tears,

But it’s too late as she tries to hold on to reality,

Her eyes close , she lets go as the darkness closes in on her,

She awakes to find herself free in eternity.


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