soulful strings from a survivor….

You’ve been dropped like a dream to the floor
You’ve been told not to try anymore
But you’re wakened from yesterday’s war
Cause you’re a survivor

And your strength has been stolen away
And your faith has been worn to a fray
But you live to live on one more day
Cause you’re a survivor

For the phone call that tore you apart
For the fear that gripped your heart
For the moment you saw who you are
And what you’re made of

For the cancer that stole all your hair
For the smile like you just don’t care
For your hope in midnight prayer
You’re a survivor

I’m convinced neither death nor life
Neither demons or angels of light
Shadows present a future bright
Can seperate us

From the love that will lead us on
To the hope when all hope is gone
Til the day heaven calls us home
We are survivors

And nothing can stop us now
Nothing can back us down
We never give up
We never give in

Cause we are survivors

– matthew west


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