In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Vending Wishes.”

vending machines…one of man’s best inventions, you pop in a coin and out comes your drink..ahh..it’s heaven!

if only vending machines like  wishing wells, you throw in a coin and voila! your very own personalised wish for the day. Now let’s imagine if this was true, what would you wish for? pretty hair ,wealth ,fame ,etc ,etc?

i think what this world needs is for people to hope, pray and wish that there would be love, peace, joy shared among us. To be there for each one, to pray for our neighbours welfare , to help in making a better tomorrow. Oh! if only this was so, if only this world didn’t have to live in the terror of tomorrow!..if only we didn’t have to wait in fear for our loved ones to return safe from the cruel hands of war!…if only our kids could go safe to school without a fear of being bullied…if only our young women and men were given the right to follow their hearts and dreams and our old the comfort and love needed during their last days..oh! i wish and i pray”Father, heal my land”

But then again vending machines don’t give out wishes..till they do, lets pretend that air planes in the night sky are like shooting stars I’m sure we could all use a wish right now..

so long! 🙂



She cried openly and freely as she knew that no one was watching. The tears flowed down her face as she clutched the flowers in her hand sobbing,“they say that I need to grow up and let go…it’s been a long time now but it seems like yesterday…they are telling me to move on but it’s so hard. Dad is talking about moving to a new town so that I can start over but I don’t want to, this place holds so many memories of us…I..uh..i really miss you…we were so close…my memories consist of you, how can they expect me to let that go”

She glanced up trying to stop the tears from flowing, her breath coming in short gasps, she looked down tracing patterns with her finger in the damp soil “ we knew each other for so long…and I don’t feel like doing anything since you are not around. People pick on me and I have no one to stand up for me like you did…you were like the other half of…” the tears came freely now, but she didn’t try to stop them, she sat there sobbing trying to get the words out, “ I…uh.. I promise to do better now. I so badly wish you hadn’t gone away but I know I couldn’t have made you stay anyways…I’ll try to move on I promise…i…. i will never…uh…forget you…I”, she sobbed harder trying to get the words out… “ I love you” “I’m never gonna forget you…thank you for always being there for me”

The tears had stopped now, she sat there staring at the rock in front of her, minutes ticked by, she finally took a deep breath and said “ I brought you red roses, your favourite” she sucked in a breath and stood, standing still for a minute or two as if waiting for the world to be alright again, she then slowly brushed the dust off her pants, a teardrop falling from her eye as she walked away from her best friends grave.


Betrayal, hurt and pain,

all done in a day,

buried under these piles of shame,

your own life story begins,


the voice begins soft in your heart,

making you look around in a start,

it’s so easy to let go,

so easy to be free,

just one more step to be in eternity,

why should you struggle, why should you try,

when you know in the end you’ll be the one to cry,


the voice begins louder now,

you really want to listen to that sound,

but your feet keep pulling you underground,

just one more step and you’ll be over the edge,

just one more cut, just one more pill says those voices in your head,


the voice so loud,

your heart is pounding now,

a choice to live or die,

a decision you have to make anyhow,

how many people have passed that road,

how many people like you have let go,

so easy, just this one step,

but it is there in you a small hesitation,

cos you know you want to make a difference,


the voice echoing out loud,

you stop from taking the plunge and look around,

you know now it’s the voice of your heart,

telling you that you are worth more,

that you can make a brand new start,

troubles, trials, obstacles are all a part of this journey,

some people have it hard and some have it easy,

but to everyone there is a choice,

to cry, to give up, to let go and die,

or to fight, to try, 


Classic imposters..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”

Practise what you preach…something that is so easy to say but so difficult to do..

I remember once i used to go around telling people not to be so quick to judge others whether their judgement was good or bad. In my opinion it was best to bang that hammer on the bench only when you had your facts and evidence right there in front of you along with your host of witnesses because that is what made you a good judge.

But when it came to me to practise what i had been preaching so long, i tumbled over my feet and ended up sending myself to prison cos i never once thought of stopping  and thinking about what i had been rambling about so long, in the end my feelings hurt as well as that of those around me..  A true hypocrite, i could have awarded myself a golden medal for being such a classic imposter.

the experience thought me a good lesson though a hurtful one…

now if i have to give advice to any one i make sure it comes with a disclaimer warning..download